Welcome to the 4+ / MARK I website

The 4+ publication aircraft titles are aimed at aviation enthusiasts and plastic modellers, bringing together a selection of quality printed photographs and details. Each monograph is a comprehensive and accurate account of a particular aeroplane and the titles range from World War I to the post war period, mainly including RAF/FAA aircraft but also featuring Soviet-designed machines.

The MARK I Guides  are aimed primarily at scale model builders and plastic modellers and are intended as simple aids to finishing appropriate kits in various scales, but those enthusiastic about aviation in general as well as military aeroplanes are not to be excluded.

Contents of 4+ publications and MARK I guides:

  • 28 – 84 pages (varies depending on particular title)
  • colour and black & white photos (both period pictures and shots of current preserved machines)
  • sheets of 1:72 or 1:48 scale plans (made using original factory drawings and measurements of actual planes, varies depending on particular title)
  • type history and technical description (concise accounts)
  • production overviews (most update figures are used)
  • pages of colour camouflage profiles (monochromatic or full colour profiles)
  • pull-out colour poster (intended to be hanged on the wall etc.)
  • drawings of instrument panels, cockpits, airframe construction etc.
  • camouflage & marking details
  • armament & equipment description

Publications MARK I Dozen Sets. This recently launched line of handbooks is intended to serve as an aid especially to scale plastic modellers. Each title describes twelve particular aeroplanes, documented by period photos, and also brings useful detailed shots which can be utilised during finishing the models.

Each publication has 28 pages, with about 50 overall and detailed photos and also include 12 pages with colour profiles and camouflage schemes and their description. A comprehensive decal sheet is added for modellers’ convenience, enabling them to finish their models according to materials published in these manuals. Two, three or four variations of these booklets exist, depending on the scale of decals included – either 1:144th, 1:72nd, 1:48th or 1:32nd.

MARK I Decals. These decal sheets, with national insignia, tri-colour stripes and serial numbers are in general prepared to represent the original markngs in 1:144th scale, but due to their generic nature they can also be used for kits in other scales (1:72, 1:87 etc.).

CMR (Czech Master Resin) series of resin (PUR) kits in 1:72nd and 1:144th scale are aimed at experienced modellers. Especially the recently produced models also include, beside the resin parts and decals, other accessories like the photo-etched frets, masks or detailed photographic supplements.

Plastic injection-moulded kits of aircraft in 1:144th scale by ATTACK Hobby Kits. These model kits comprise plastic parts and decals sheets, some kits have resin cockpits included.

MARK I Models. Injection-moulded plastic kits of aircraft in 1:144th scale are produced using electroplated metal moulds, enabling authentic reproduction of scale details. The kits include plastic sprues and decal sheets, some models are complemented with resin parts or photo-etched parts.

MARK I Accessories. The product portfolio of MARK I Ltd. now also includes accessories – display bases for model kits. They are made of pasteboard cards and depict various actual surfaces of military airfields (concrete panels, asphalt taxiways, helipads, grass) in 1:72nd and 1:144th scale. Due to their generic nature they can also be used for kits in other scales (1:76, 1:87 etc.).

(last updated 3-11-2018)